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We all know about valentines day the day of love celebrated on February 14th, but it does not come alone; the day of love is joined by other more than 7 lovely days to celebrate, creating a package that transforms the single day of love into an entire Valentine’s Day week. The seven days that follow Valentine’s begin on February 7th and end on February 14th on the D-V’Day, making the entire Valentine’s Day a week of love.

The other seven days preceding days of valentine’s week have their significance and own way of celebration all over the world, just like Valentine’s Day. When looked deeper, these eight days of valentines week are more than just lovely days; they are more of a ritual, steps to be taken one day at a time before confessing your love on February 14th.

The magic of love will soon flourish as Valentine’s Week 2023 will approach us very soon. The names of the eight days of Valentine’s week,

  • Rose Day – 7th February
  • Propose Day – 8th February
  • Chocolate Day – 9th February
  • Teddy Day – 10th February
  • Promise Day – 11th February
  • Hug Day – 12th February
  • Kiss Day – 13th February
  • Valentine’s Day – 14th February,

are enough to make everyone excited, because there are numerous things you can do with and for your significant other on this day to strengthen your bond.

Many married couples or people in long-term relationships can use this Valentine’s week of 2023 to rekindle the spark and fall in love with their partner again.

As said before, these days are like rituals for singles, which they must follow and do as the moniker of the day Speaks, to have their love by their side this Valentine’s Day.

To help you understand more about this lovely valentines day week “the adorable eight love days”, we have covered everything for you in this article, from the day’s significance to the cool way of celebrating 2023 valentines day week.

Valentine’s week of 2023 Full list

Rose Day

Rose Day is the celebrated every year on February 7, Rose Day is the first day or we can say the starter of the exciting and lovely Valentine’s Day Week. If you’d like to make someone, feel special, send a fragrant and beautiful Red Rose to express your heartfelt emotions of love and affection.

Love and rose are associated with each other, and they will make an ideal gift for that special someone in your life.

Valentine’s Rose Day’s exact origin and the originator are unknown. However, there is an intriguing story associated with the roses on this day, such as according to Greek mythology, the red rose is the favorite flower of the Goddess Venus (Goddess of love).

Nothing can fill your heart with more deep love and passion than the velvety soft red petals with differing thorny stems and green leaves. Even if you are unable to reveal your heartfelt emotions in words, the enchanting red roses will serve as the best conveyer of feelings and emotions, and will undoubtedly assist you in expressing your undying love.

Rose Day

Propose Day

The second day of valentine’s week, propose day is celebrated on the 8th of February. Proposal Day encourages all people to express their innermost feelings to the love of their lives.

This day provides an opportunity for children to propose to their loved ones and start their cute puppy love. But adults can too Break down the barriers of fear on Propose Day and say those three magical words to the person you cherish the most.

Propose Day has been celebrated for years in American society, and it has been now adopted in almost every part of the world. This magnificent prelude to Valentine’s Day 2023 allows all lovers to pour their hearts out for the person who means the world to them.

You could perhaps make this very day more exciting and interesting by including romantic and unique valentine’s gifts in the celebration.

Propose Day

Chocolate Day

The third day of Valentine’s Week, Chocolate Day is celebrated on February 9th. Young lovers usually exchange heart-shaped chocolates as a gesture of love on this day. Chocolate is a treat that everyone on the planet enjoys. On this particular day, you can give Chocolates or sweets to anyone you want to cheer up.

Chocolate Day is a Western/ Modern way to celebrate in which everyone buys a bunch of chocolates from local candy stores or confectioneries to give to their loved ones. Everyone has a good reason to give delicious and creamy chocolates during the celebration.

Gifting chocolates to loved ones relieve tensions, sorrows, and misunderstandings while also helping to bring them together to celebrate it together, helping to improve the sweetness of the relationship.

This magnificent forerunner of Valentine’s Day 2022 is well-known in India but is also celebrated worldwide. Women prefer chocolates and giving them large bars of delectable and flavorful chocolates is a good way to portray your love.

Chocolate Day

Teddy Day

Teddy the fourth day of Valentine’s week, is celebrated on the 10th of February. It’s a fun day for the girls because every girl enjoys having a big or small teddy with her. So today is the ideal day for all the boys to give their loved ones beautiful Teddy Bears.

However, since it is Valentine’s Week in 2023, girls can also give teddy bears to their boyfriends or wives to their husbands. Whether it’s for your valentine, a friend, or even your daughter, giving Teddy bears is the best way to convey your love.

Teddy Day’s exact origins and founder are unknown. However, it has begun to be celebrated as an international event in almost every region of the world. Every year, couples and young people celebrate Valentine’s Week by giving their loved one’s lovely teddy bears.

You can gift a beautiful teddy bear to your fiancee, partner, friends, spouse, and other loved ones on this day. Giving Teddy will put a beautiful smile on your loved one’s face and make the day one she will remember for the rest of her life.

Teddy Day

Promise Day

The Fifth day of valentine’s week, Promise day celebrated on February 11th. Promise day is an ideal portion of all Valentine’s; on this day, every couple will make promises to each other and expect to keep their promises.  The lovers takes the most beneficial promises to each other, on this day which they should keep in their lives.

Promise Day is now celebrated in almost every part of the world in a modernised manner. The day’s history is unknown, but it serves as the best thing for the people who love it.

This day is celebrated with great enthusiasm by young people and people of all ages who are interested. It builds a magnificent bond between the couples and ensures the longevity of their relationship.

You can also get rid of negative behaviors by making promises to your valentine. Today is the day to start building a healthy relationship. You can also send gift cards and sayings about your commitment to your beloved. Consider making your promise and have a wonderful day out with your Valentine.

Promise Day

Hug Day

The Sixth day of valentines week, Hug day is celebrated on February 12th. You can embrace this day with your loved ones by conveying your love and affection for them by giving them a warm and cosy hug, which will help you forget about all your problems in life.

This year, you can celebrate the day with a loved one or with your parents and siblings. You’re getting close to Hug Day, so look for Hug Day quotes for your girlfriend and boyfriend, spouses, fiances, and siblings right away.

Most lovers will want to send some expressive quotes to their lover or loved one on Hug Day. You can show your love and support on this day, which will help them trust and believe in you. So, without further ado, go hug your loved one tightly.

Hug Day

Kiss Day

The seventh day of Valentine’s Week is Kiss Day, on February 13th, Kiss Day is celebrated. Intimacy is a gift that cannot be given without receiving a return gift. A single kiss on Valentine’s Day is always special, and couples remember it for a long time. A kiss can say a thousand words and cure any wounds that have infected the relationship.

When words fail to express your feelings, let a graceful kiss do the work of expressing them.  It reveals a lot about the love that rules your heart.

Kissing your loved ones is perhaps the most affectionate and lovable way to express your feelings. The kiss is a way of expressing love, desire, compassion, appreciation, greeting, companionship, happiness, and many other emotions.

Kiss Day

Valentines Day

The final and most important day of the love week Valentine’s Day is a worldwide holiday celebrated on February 14th each year. It is the time to introduce red roses, hearts, and cupid’s bows and arrows.

It is a classical day in which lovers express their love in February. For those who have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to surprise their partner, the wait is finally over.

However, the Day is not just for lovers; it’s also for all of us who love, care, and want to express our love to others. On Valentine’s Day, express and share your unique love for your partner by sending letters, cards, flowers, chocolates, and gifts.

valentines day


The Eight Days of Love, which comprise the entire Valentine’s Day week, provide an opportunity for everyone to express their emotions and amend their past and current relationships, not only with their lovers, but also with their parents, siblings, friends, and all their loved ones. Make sure to express your love, gratitude, and affection to your loved ones during Valentine’s Week of 2023.

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