20 Best Valentine’s Gifts for Him


Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your love and care to your special someone, and giving gifts is the perfect gesture to express your appreciation. Whether you’re looking for a tried-and-tested, traditional, one-of-a-kind, or personalized gift for your man, keep on scrolling for the 20 best Valentine’s gifts that will suit his style, personality, and interests.

  • A Stylish Timepiece:

A Stylish Timepiece

If you’re thinking of something stylish, functional, and personal gift, you could never go wrong with a stylish timepiece. The key is to opt for a watch design that reflects his style and personality while sending your thoughts of love. Do you know that according to the experts, you’re already saying a bold statement with your watch without having to speak of anything?

If he has a classic fashion personality, think of an elegant watch that will take him from office to weekends. Remember, a dress watch is more about simplicity and sophistication, so avoid those flashy details that won’t fit on a classic personality. A wristwatch that does double duty as a time teller and a calendar is great—and you’ll be sure he’s going to treasure it through the years.

If he’s more of a man on-the-go, think of a classic, refined yet effortless style. If you like, you might think of watch design with rugged details so he’ll be able to wear it on a Casual Friday at the office to the woods for the weekend. When it comes to a sporty guy, something colorful, dynamic, durable, and even rugged watch designs are great.

If your boyfriend is more of a geek, think of a smartwatch—it will do more than just telling the time. Is he a fitness enthusiast, runner, or athlete? Think of smartwatches that feature tracking activities—calories, diet, heartbeat, steps, sleep—so he’ll be able to keep his mind on track while thinking of you. More than that, you’ll help him get a healthy lifestyle.

  • Leather Wallet

Looking for something personal yet functional gift? You could never go wrong with a leather wallet. Do you know that all men love a good wallet more than a bag? Yes, so you can definitely make him happy on Valentine’s Day. However, you should go for a wallet style that speaks about his personality and style too. Is he organized, messy, prepared, or on-the-go?

If you’re going to give a special gift on someone that you love, you would want to make sure it lasts. Most of the time, it’s better to stick to the basics—think of a high-quality leather wallet with good compartments for his credit card, business cards, key cards and such. You might want to consider his lifestyle and daily activities too.

Is he a fan of a tee and jeans or he mostly wears a button-down shirt and suit at the office? While a denim wallet will work for an on-the-go guy, a leather wallet in a classier and more sophisticated style will fit a business-minded guy. Remember, leather has the ability to take on character over time, and along with your genuine love for him, there’s nothing shows a beautiful patina like leather over the years.

  • Cologne or Perfume

Cologne or perfume is a great option for a Valentine’s Day gift for him. Are you looking for a masculine, cool, and romantic scent?  The key is to opt for a neutral fragrance—not to strong, not to sweet. Most of the time, the scents of citrus and fresh flowers will be balanced by hints of spicy woods. You might even think of a perfume that could calm and invigorate his senses.

Do you know that fragrance is an invisible part of our personal style? According to experts, a good scent will affect how others see and remember you. So, it’s time to get one that will make him more attractive for you. Also, a good scent triggers memories so think of the best one that you want him to wear on the most romantic day of the year.

When choosing a perfume, you must decide how long you want the scent last, apart from the fragrance itself. While a cologne last for about 2 hours, a perfume usually lasts for 5 to 8 hours. Are you wondering why? Cologne has less than 5 percent of perfume oil diluted in alcohol and water, while a perfume has 20 percent pure essence.

If you’re looking for more hints, Eau Fraiche variant of a fragrance is the most diluted one since it only has less than 3 percent of perfume oil, while Eau de Toilette has 15 percent perfume oil. If you’re looking for a more expensive and luxurious option, think of Parfum—it has 30 percent perfume oil that can last a day.

  • Sneakers

Apart from being stylish, sneakers should be comfortable and durable. You should also consider his daily activities and personality, so you’ll have some idea whether you need to opt for running shoes, fashion sneakers, or even gym shoes. He might already have an extensive sneaker collection, but it’s still romantic that his favorite, everyday pair will come from you.

If he’s into sports, think of high-performance running shoes that can transition him from the running trail to casual wear effortlessly. If he’s more into classic, modern style, then you could go for leather sneakers with minimalist design. If he’s more of a man on the move, then opt for a simple design without looking flashy or eye-catching, so he can literally wear it everywhere.

  • Wine or Champagne

If both of you are a fan of everything romantic, then a bottle of wine or champagne will surely add instant romance to your Valentine’s Day. Is he a connoisseur or just a casual wine drinker? It’s the thought that counts so don’t feel compelled to buy a big name brand. Sometimes, you don’t have to present your gift in a shopping bag as the bottle and gift box will be enough.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can go for an expensive bottle or stick to the magnum route. For a more romantic yet personal gesture, simply think of bringing in a chilled bottle of champagne, along with two crystal glasses for both of you to enjoy the night.

  • Bottle Opener Key Ring

Is he a beer, wine, liquor lover? Then he’ll surely know the struggle of not being able to find his bottle opener when the beer is ready. If you want to alleviate his frustration forever, think of a bottle opener key ring. Whether you believe us or not, it’s one of the most functional tools ever even if you think it won’t come in handy.

He might already have a bottle opener, but how rarely he carries it with him? With a bottle opener key ring, he’ll be able to use it consistently—it’s small, compact, discrete, and functional. He could never forget his keys, along with a bottle opener that blends right in with them.

  • Cuff Bracelets:

Does he love a unique, rugged style? Then cuff bracelets will bring some spice to his wardrobe. A great thing, you have plenty of options when it comes to men’s cuffs—design, material, color, and uniqueness. If he’s already wearing a watch, then go for a piece that compliments it. Is he a guy looking for something edgy? Opt for something rustic, raw, and rugged that will look more old-fashioned yet cool. The key is to opt for a cuff bracelet that’s made to last.

  • Coffee Machine

Is he a coffee lover? Then you could never go wrong with a coffee machine—it’s the best way to personalize his drink. Keep in mind that there are so many coffee brewing methods, but you might want to think of something that will work even there’s no electricity. This is especially true if he’s someone who prefers traditional methods over automatic.

If he’s a serious coffee brewer, then opt for a functional coffee machine that will give him the perfect cup of coffee every time. You might even think of an espresso maker too. It will give him the perfect drink, and he would never have to skip his morning coffee.

  • Weekender Bag

Is he a world traveler or a gym enthusiast? A weekender bag is just perfect to do double duty on gym and travels. The key is to opt for something big enough to fit everything he needs, but small enough to be carried on hand. You might also want to pay attention to high-quality materials along with anti-theft and water-resistant features. If he wants to travel in style without sacrificing style, think of a leather duffel bag instead.

Remember, a weekender bag is should be stylish at the same time functional. It must be able to pack his toiletries, shoes, clothes, gadgets, and even other personal things. A great thing, some of the duffel bags for men are great for carrying on the plane as they typically meet requirements for carry-on luggage.

  • Classic Hoodie

Whether he’s a sports enthusiast or a man on the move, a classic hoodie is a great Valentine’s Day gift for him. A great thing, he could wear it from a gym to weekends, not to mention it’s perfect for warming up on dress-down days. Just opt for a design with front pockets, full front zipper closure, and a hood with drawstrings to make everything cool and functional.

  • Personalized Notebook

Is your guy a goal-oriented and organized type of person? He will surely appreciate gifts that are as useful as they are thoughtful. Think of giving him a personalized notebook that he can use everywhere. All you need is some time to make your special gift more personal. Since he’s a guy, try your best to make the notebook’s cover simple and sleek as possible, but add some personal touches inside—random photos of both of you, favorite song lyrics, love quotes, and sayings.

  • Magazine Subscription

Does your man loves reading and is always ahead of the curve? Then a magazine subscription is a thoughtful and functional gift. A great thing, you have a wide range of men’s magazines to choose from, just know his favorite reads, hobbies, and interests so you’ll give something that he’ll truly enjoy. Whether he loves to keep up with the latest design trends, fashion trends, tech news, or car reviews, you’ll surely find the perfect reads for him.

  • Personalized Mugs

If you like more of a do it yourself gift, think of a personalized mug—it’s a creative and thoughtful present. If you and your man are always a pair, then think of designing couple mugs for both of you. You have the option to feature both of your names, couple photos, personal messages, cute illustrations, love quotes and such. All you’ll need is a plain ceramic mug and your creativity to bring your ideas into life.

  • Couples Love Letter Book

Do both of you enjoy reading romance novels and love stories? Creating your own love story sounds more romantic and personal. To add some spice to your relationship, think of couples love letter book where both of you can write your own love stories, good memories, and caring thoughts. There’s nothing more romantic than a couples love letter book filled with loving, heartfelt messages for each other.

Yes, it’s one of the best gifts you can give to your man this Valentine’s Day. It’s also a great way to keep the love between the two of you alive. Both of you will surely love to read it again and again.

  • Toiletry Bag

Is your man a world traveler or heading for a weekend getaway? You could never go wrong with a toiletry bag that will make him travel in style. The key is to opt for a toiletry bag made from high-quality materials with functional compartments and convenient zipper openings. Men’s essentials might be basic, but it must accommodate his shampoo, toothbrush, cologne and other personal items.

  • Skincare Kit

If your guy likes to pamper himself then you could think of a skincare kit that will make him fresh and attractive all the time. If he’s not into skincare, then it’s time to make him care for his skin. Men need to take care of their skin too, and he should add skincare to his routine. From morning shaving and grooming routines to skincare, it must be great if you’ll get things covered for him.

Just opt for products and good brand specialized in male skincare, along with shaving kits. Go for a set that includes a face wash, face scrub, moisturizer, along with shaving and shower items. If you want to complete his skincare kit, add face mask, eye cream, and lip treatment too. You can actually put the items together yourself, but make sure all his favorites are there.

  • Challenging or Personalized Photo Puzzle

Is he more of a creative and romantic person? You could make your Valentine’s Day more romantic by completing a challenging puzzle together—or complete a puzzle from your favorite photo. It’s a playful surprise both of you can enjoy. The key is to opt for your most romantic, quirky, and cute photo together so you’ll have more fun and challenge on the Valentine’s Day.

  • Headphones

Is your guy is a music fanatic, or you want him to listen to music so he’ll remember you all day? Headphones are a thoughtful personalized gift—he will surely love them. Just opt for something that he’ll be excited to show off everywhere. If you like, you might even think of headphones that feature noise-reducing technology and are comfortable to wear. This way, he can enjoy his favorite music everywhere.

  • A Dozen Bites of Sweetness

Do you love to bake? Then think of giving him your own baked cookies and cakes, along with chocolates made with love. To make things more romantic for a Valentine’s Day, you may even think of heart-shaped cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, or a cake with a thoughtful icing message. He will surely love your sweet and delicious treat.

If there’s more of a health conscious person, it’s best to add more fiber to the sweets so he’ll be able to enjoy your treat without guilt. Remember, there’s a saying that “the way to a man’s heart is through his mouth.” Yes, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to serve up something sweet to your special someone!

  • Bluetooth Speaker

Every guy needs a good Bluetooth speaker, and he’ll surely love your surprise for him. In fact, both of you can make every occasion fun with this gift. If you like, you may even opt for a Bluetooth speaker with a built-in USB port so he can charge his phone while he’s listening to music between his meetings.

You may also think of a water-resistant wireless speaker with long battery life to make everything more functional. If you like, opt for novelty designs of Bluetooth speakers that will make add some playful touch to your present.

With our handy gift guide, you’ll be able to give the most memorable gift to your special someone on Valentine’s Day.

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